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Sam Katman, Cat Troubadour

Who's Sam Katman?

I’m quite possibly the first digital singer-songwriter cat to launch a music career off the Cardano block chain. I’ve been inspired by the Beatles, John Mayer, Norah Jones, Tom Petty, U2, Kings of Convenience, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, and countless other magical musicians and songwriters who’ve graced us with their presence.

I’ve been into crypto since March of 2021 and got deep into Cardano in the summer of 2021.  The vision for the future, the community, the low fees, the proof of stake, and leadership transparency are all part of why Cardano is the chain for me.  My human avatar is a Canadian based out of Taiwan.

I launched my genesis CNFT in September 2021 as my first attempt in the NFT world and had some minor success. With what I’ve learned since has led me to my new CNFT series which you read more about below.

What is this "NEW" CNFT Series ??

“An Unintentional Escape from Inertia” is an album reimagined as a CNFT. 


12 songs + PFP collection will be released  sequentially in 12 drops over several months. 

Each drop will include a varying set of PFPs and one new single.  200 will be available for the first drop and then subsequent drop numbers will be decided by the community.  Max total will be 10K, minimum will be 2400. Community decided in the discord–>

My original plan was to release 2400 but my team said my PFP has enough traits to warrant 30K, so we decided to see what the community says after the first drop. 

12 Songs, 12 Drops, Total Number of CNFTs Determined by Community
This Sam Katman CNFT is Probably Nothing.

Why is this CNFT Series Unique?

  1. It’s redefining how an album is presented by pairing it with a PFP collection.   
  2. It’s a 12 part drop that will be released over a period of several months. 
  3. Each drop may have a different number available of CNFTs depending on community input. The max total will be 10K and the minimum would be 2400
  4. As a fun addition, some other CNFT and Cardano based projects are featured on some of the hoodies.
  5. There’s a heavy focus on guitars.  I have yet to see a guitar focused PFP collection.
  6. An exclusive vinyl album will be made and sent to holders of all 12 drops anywhere in the world.   
  7. Other goodies will be air dropped along the way (digitally and physically). 

Benefits and Utility

1. Holders of all 12 drops will be sent an exclusive signed edition vinyl copy featuring all 12 songs with other goodies.

2. Access to inclusive holder only raffles – E.G A 3D Sam rendering will be gifted to a lucky holder of each drop.

3. Potentially releasing holder-only limited run 7 inch vinyl releases featuring 2-3 songs as we move along the drop timeline.

4. All holders will be gifted a lifetime guest list into any IRL or VR show organized by Sam.

5. The uplifting feeling of helping an artist invest deeper into their project.

6. The amazing feeling that  you might make history in helping push the first singer-songwriter digital cat from the blockchain.

Sam Katman CNFT Benefits and Utility
What Guitar Will You Mint?

The First Drop Mint

1. 230 will be minted.  200 available for the public and 30 reserved for gifts, giveaways, and artists. 

2. All Sam Katman Genesis holders will be whitelisted for early access.  

3. Mint date will be announced in the discord server.

4. If you purchase 5+, you will be sent an exclusive remix of the first single that will not be available anywhere ever. 

5. After the first 100 are sold,  a random holder will win 100 ADA.


The Pricing

Sam Katman - My Mind and I

Drop #1 – “My Mind and I”

BUY 1: ₳35

-Get a unique PFP of Sam and the song “My Mind and I:”

BUY 5: ₳175

-Get 5 unique visuals of Sam with the song “My Mind and I”

-Get an exclusive reimagining of the song (not available anywhere else)

Next Drop: TBD

Get Sam Katman CNFTs in your Cardano wallet
Sam Katman Team

The Team

  1. SAM KATMAN – Creator/Songwriter/Art-Director  .  You already know me, but you can add me on twitter @samkatman
  2. YUSEF– My artist partner who I’ve been working with since before my journey into crypto and NFTs.  @Wut_illustration on twitter. He’s never really on to twitter, but you can hit him up and tell him to post more.
  3. LIMEFORK– The minting team who’ve I’ve worked with before. They continue to help more and more projects mint on Cardano. Also the people behind Berch Stake Pool.  @limefork @berchpool
  4. PUNK BABY HOUSE PARTY –  The team at Punk baby have been developing NFT creator software and this project was their first non in-house project. They gave me invaluable advice and helped a ton in developing the project. @PunkBabyHouseParty

The Plan


A process will be put in place before the launch of each drop. 

  1. 10 giveaways will be sent to targeted CNFT influencers and other projects to give out to increase followers on twitter and discord
  2. 10 giveaways will be sent to Mission Driven Pools/Small Sized Stake pools to giveaway or auction/sell on secondary to attract new delegators. 
  3. Katcoin contests to develop leaders in the discord for bringing in new people and growing that community. 
  4. Mint date will be  set based on steady discord and twitter momentum


After each drop, certain milestones will trigger an action. 

  1. After the first 100 CNFTs of each drop are sold, 100 ADA will randomly sent to one holder of the first 100. 
  2. After the first 100 CNFTs are sold from each drop,  2/2 3D Sams will begin creation for raffle between holders.  One for my genesis CNFT holders and one for the new drop’s  holders.
  3. After each drop sells out,  Sam will choose an artist he wants to onboard onto Cardano or a Cardano artist to remix one of the visual pieces from the drop.
  4. After each drop sell out, the 2/2 3D Sams will be sent to 2 lucky Sam Katman holders.
  5. Unique goodies and surprises will also be bestowed upon you as we move along the timeline (vinyl, merch, exclusive screenplay drafts of the animated series based on Sam Katman’s absurd life, and more)

What happens after the 12 drops?

The future is wide open for new possibilities.  New opportunities will likely arise as we move along the drop line.  More information will be released as it comes. You can read my 2022 focus areas in the Road Map.

Sam Katman CNFT Plan