What is KATCOIN???

Started by Sam Katman, a 2D singer-songwriter cat on the Cardano Blockchain, KATCOIN was created to help support 5 core missions. It will start with absolute 0 value, but we could build something pretty cool together that benefits the Cardano ecosystem. This is my current plan and will be tweaked as we move along.  The KATCOIN supply has been minted and is now ready to be released slowly into the world. 

5 Core Missions

MISSION 1: Shine a light on small and mission based stake pools


Stake pools are the heart of the ecosystem. The more that are thriving, the more decentralized cardano becomes


1. KATCOIN branded “Wake and Stake” podcast series in development

2. Offer large amounts of KATCOIN to small stake pool operators a incentives for new delegators

3. KATCOIN community driven marketing efforts to raise awareness of retiring pools in order to connect those delegators with smaller active pools

MISSION 2: Promote music based CNFT projects and smaller/still minting CNFT projects


As a musician with a small CNFT project, I understand how hard it can be to push your project.


1. Offer large amounts of Katcoin or custom CNFTs to Music/small CNFT PROJECTs as a sales incentive for them

2. Help develop CNFT mentorship opportunities by connecting larger projects with smaller projects

MISSION 3: Onboard new people to Cardano


The more people in the Cardano ecosystem, the

better for all participants.


1. Offer large amounts of KATCOIN via contests to non crypto people (some of the many cat lovers on instagram for example) as an incentive to take the first step via wallet creation.

2. Work with Katcoin community, wallet teams, and cardano community to bring non-cardano crypto people into the fold.

MISSION 4: Grow value for Sam Katman Music CNFT holders


As a creator of music CNFTs, I want to increase the value of my CNFTS to my holders.


1. All Sam Katman CNFT holders of the genesis CNFT and the upcoming “Unintentional Escape” CNFT series will be given 5% of total supply once both have sold out both. A lot will be given along the way.

2. All KATCOIN related marketing will tie back to Sam Katman, so Sam Katman CNFT holders will benefit by association

MISSION 5: Have a lot of fun keeping it chill, but also hustling to help this beautiful Cardano community grow and prosper


What’s the point of it all if there isn’t any fun?


1. Memes Memes Memes
2. Ongoing cat based CNFTs collaborating with several different artists
3. Open to all sorts of crazy ideas from community



1,000,000,000,000,000 (hard capped). That’s 1 quadrillion folks.






1. GROWTH: 20% of the supply used to grow awareness via a myriad of contest giveaways and paying people in KATCOIN to help on KATCOIN MISSION TASKS.



There will be operations for each of the 5 CORE KATCOIN MISSIONS that will need community help – COMPENSATED IN KATCOIN AT FIRST, BUT WITH ADA BONUSES DOWN THE LINE. We can organize via discord. 

MISSION 1: shine a light on small and mission based stake pools

Operation: Create more awareness of retired pools with staked ADA and help move it to smaller pools


1. Create list of retired pools with delegation and keep adding to list.

2. Create series of KATCOIN branded images with tickers of retired pools and small active pools. The messaging will be around re-delegating your stake to a small pool.

3. Reward re-delegators with KATCOIN in batch transactions

*For this operation, help would be needed in creating and updating lists, designing images, and coordinating distribution of the content

2. STAKE POOLS: 20% will be directly distributed to small and midsized single stake pool operators as a means to attract new delegators. At first, the KATCOIN will have no value, but as it grows in awareness, we hope it will help attract new delegators to newer pools.

3. CNFT PROJECTS: 20% will be directly distributed to new and still minting CNFT projects to help incentivize new sales for them. The KATCOIN community will recommend and vote on them a regular basis.

4. KATCOIN BAG FAUCET: 13% will be available for sale through a faucet system where people send TBD ADA for a random pull of KATCOIN. The ADA received will be used to help cover giveaway transaction fees, bonuses for KATCOIN community builders, contest rewards

5. DEXs + DripDropz: 15% will be available for SALE on DEXs and to reward delegators of various pools via DripDropz or other token related services

6. SAM KATMAN CNFT HOLDERS: 5% will be be reserved for Sam Katman “GENESIS” and “UNINTENTIONAL ESCAPE”  CNFT holders

7. TEAM: 7% for team. As KATCOIN grows, it will likely require more dedicated support outside of Discord leaders and task helpers. This is reserved for Sam Katman and those who come onboard to help grow KATCOIN.




  1. Reward 50 MILLION KATCOIN for retweeting about Purple Paper

  2. Reward 50 million KATCOIN in RETWEET CONTEST for first episode of “WAKE AND STAKE CARDANO” a new podcast by Sam Katman, with the goal of getting to know the people operating Cardano stake pools.

  3. Launch “WAKE AND STAKE CARDANO” podcast related limited edition CNFTs based around KATCOIN logo with each podcast episode.

  4. Connect with early supporters and start organizing the first KATCOIN MISSION tasks. 

  5. Reward $10M-20M KATCOIN to each current SAM KATMAN MUSIC CNFT HOLDER


  1. Develop ongoing KATCOIN related meme contests

  2. Develop Cardano cat photo of the week contests

  3. Further develop “WAKE AND STAKE CARDANO” podcast and KATCOIN logo based CNFTs

  4. Distribute funds to interested small stake pool operators who want to use Katcoin as incentive for new delegators. Directly and/or via DripDropz

  5. Distribute funds to first “cohort” of new/still minting CNFT projects that want to use Katcoin as sales incentive

  6. Further develop list of operations for each mission and find people who want to participate in exchange for KATCOIN and future ADA bonuses

  7. Develop ongoing cat related content and incentives for KATCOIN instagram account in order to onboard non- crypto cat lovers into the ecosystem

  8. Get listed on DEXs 

  9. Develop faucet application to raise ADA to help with transaction costs and community rewards


  1. Develop KCNFTs that can only be bought with KATCOIN

  2. DEVELOP CNFT Promotion tools that require KATCOIN to participate

  3. Develop way for future Sam Katman songs to have shared royalties with KATCOIN holders

  4. Create and sell a growing line of physical KATCOIN merch to be sold in FIAT to help pay for non-crypto advertising

  5. Develop Katcoin branded cat products to sell via pet stores

  6. Work with growing KATCOIN community to develop new ideas for utility