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DROP 1: My Mind and I

MINTING NOW! Locks 11/11/2023!

The first drop of my 12 part CNFT series “An Unintentional Escape from Inertia” is finally here.  This first one features the single “My Mind and I” and comes with a unique Sam PFP. The single will include a MP3, HQ Wav, cover art, and lyrics image.  This first drop is limited to only 200, so don’t wait too long to pick one up.   I hope you dig it and can’t wait to build this series out!  Minting and project information is below.  Thanks for checking it out.

– Sam

Mint 1 CNFT

Mint 5 CNFTs


The 2nd drop of my 12 part CNFT series “An Unintentional Escape from Inertia” is finally here.  This first one features the single “Miss Olivia” and comes with a unique Sam PFP. The PFP has new traits that weren’t available in drop 1 while  some traits from drop 1 were taken out.  I want each drop to have traits that are unique, while still maintaining a cohesive theme for all 12.  Makes it more fun to collect them all. 

This drop will have 1000 available with price of only 10 ADA!  In addition, people who mint 5 + will be airdropped a copy of the pilot episode for the concept for Sam’s animated show. The premise: A recently dumped and down on his luck Sam has to get his shit together and begins an absurd journey to making his singer-songwriter dreams a reality.    I hope you dig it! I can’t wait to build this series (and the animated show series) out over the next year and a bit!  Minting and project information is below.  Thanks for checking it out.

If this is your first time learning about me,  start here. 

– Sam


Preview The Track and The PFPs: Miss Olivia

DROP 3 : It Got Me Thinkin' of You

The 3rd drop, “It Got Me Thinkin’ of You” is out. Released by the Record Shop (a collab between Sick City and NEWM, this release contains new PFP traits like double bass and trumpets. The drop has 1000 available at price of 14 ADA.   

– Sam

Sam Katman, Cat Troubadour

Who's Sam Katman?

I’m quite possibly the first digital singer-songwriter cat to launch on the Cardano block chain. I’ve been inspired by the Beatles, John Mayer, Norah Jones, Tom Petty, U2, Kings of Convenience, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, and countless other magical musicians and songwriters who’ve graced us with their presence.

I’ve been into crypto since March of 2021 and got deep into Cardano in the summer of 2021.  The vision for the future, the community, the low fees, the proof of stake, and leadership transparency are all part of why Cardano is the chain for me.  My human avatar is a Canadian based out of Taiwan.

I’m currently in the middle of prepping my 4th drop. 

What is this "NEW" CNFT Series ??

“An Unintentional Escape from Inertia” is an album reimagined as a CNFT. 


12 songs + PFP collection will be released  sequentially in 12 drops over several months. 

Each drop will include a varying set of PFPs and one new single.  200 will be available for the first drop and then subsequent drop numbers and pricing will vary.  


12 Songs, 12 Drops, Total Number of CNFTs Determined by Community
Unique Factors Abound

Why is this CNFT Series Unique?

  1. It’s redefining how an album is presented by pairing it with a PFP collection.   
  2. It’s a 12 part drop that will be released over a period of several months. 
  3. Each drop may have a different number available of CNFTs with different pricing
  4. As a fun addition, some other CNFT and Cardano based projects are featured on some of the hoodies.
  5. There’s a heavy focus on guitars.  I have yet to see a guitar focused PFP collection.
  6. Other surprises will flow as we move along. 

Benefits and Utility

1. You get to limited edition unique collectibles based on each song.  No guarantee they will go up in value or not. 

2. Holders will get access to goodies as we move along in time. 

Art is Utility

The Team

  1. SAM KATMAN – Creator/Songwriter/Art-Director  .  You already know me, but you can add me on twitter @samkatman
  2. YUSEF– My artist partner who I’ve been working with since before my journey into crypto and NFTs.  @Wut_illustration on twitter. He’s never really on to twitter, but you can hit him up and tell him to post more.